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Web3, Gen Z and Summer Holidays

Web3 never sleeps so it's important to set your boundaries


After a few hectic months since our launch, back in March, we decided to take a much needed 'summer holiday' to unwind and rejuvenate allowing us some time to take a fresh look at how we can best show up for this growing community. Web3 never sleeps and while we love the intensity of it all - it is important to take a digital break from time to time, get out in nature and spend time with those you love. That's exactly what we've been doing since you last heard from us! :)

While vacay'ing we do however have some fun updates to share. You might recall that last month we heard from five inspiring Gen Z women all building in Web3 (under the age of 25). Their motivations and ambitions for Web3 were both thoughtful and impactful. We couldn't resist diving further into this topic and approached Maanasa Gopal, Creative Director at SuperNeo (25years old) to share her thoughts about her generation's hopes for this next internet era.

You can catch everything Maanasa had to share with Founding Member Karen Lam on our new Youtube channel. Maanasa talks about:

  • 👩‍💻Why Web3 Matters to Gen Z

  • 👩‍💻 What opportunities and challenges exist for Gen Z with the advent of Web3

  • 👩‍💻 Advice for Gen Z looking to get into Web3

Once you're all caught up - drop some comments under the recording and share your thoughts or takeaways.

🔥 MetaJam & Singapore Blockchain Week 🔥

The last week of July was jam packed with events. We were delighted to support and be part of both Metajam Asia and Singapore Blockchain Week. We took to a number of panel discussions, which included an all female panel on web3 at both events. We're seeing more and more web3 events pop-up in Asia Pacific with greater representation which only spells good news for us. Thanks to the organisers of Metajam Asia and Singapore Blockchain Week for including us.

Left to Right: Irene Zhao, Nicole Yap, Evelina Lye, Amelia Tan, Lily Wu

(From left to Right Irene Zhao, Nicole Yap, Evelina Lye, Amelia Tan, Lily Wu)

(From Left to Right: Evelina Lye, Jinnie Lee, Soh Wan Wei, Tracy Sheridan, Belinda Lim)

🙌 Community Perk

We've partnered with All That Matters this year, Asia’s pre-eminent meeting point for the music, sports, gaming and online entertainment industries, happening 26 - 28 September in Singapore. This year they're interweaving Web3 as a theme across all their learning tracks. You can expect lots of learning, amazing International speakers on stage, a tonne of networking and most definitely a lot of fun. They have offered UNTAM3D members a 15% early-bird discount to attend if booked before August 31st. Get your tickets here using Promo Code: UNTAM3D22

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